Professional tools for painting are different from the household for a number of parameters. They have different chemical composition, better go to hair and provide a more "accurate" painting with fine colour nuances. High quality professional paint hypoallergenic, odorless, practically does not harm the hair structure and provide long lasting staining.

Can I buy professional paint in the supermarket

Professional colours almost never appear on the shelves of ordinary shops and supermarkets. Here you will find tools for home dyeing: packing with prepared dye composition, which is required to mix with the oxidant. Conventional hair dyes are inexpensive, convenient and easy to use so are in high demand among buyers. Professional products are more expensive and harder to use that may alienate the average consumer.

Where is the best place to buy professional hair dye

Manufacturers of professional hair dyes produce two separate product lines: a dye and an oxidant, which contains from 3 to 12% of an oxidizing agent is used to lighten the hair one or more colors. There are also maxtone – sequences of colors, which are mixed with other colors to obtain the desired result.

When painting in a beauty salon or hairdresser master individually selects the proportions of the paint, occidenta and mixton in accordance with the type of appearance of the client and its natural shade of hair. To do the same thing yourself without practical skills is very difficult. Therefore, before buying a professional tools, it is best to consult with a specialist who will help you choose the paint color you want, and additional components for painting.

To this end, better to visit a specialty store cosmetics or beauty salon: they sometimes there are departments where implemented professional tools on care of hair. In a sense, the salon is preferable to store, because here you can consult a hairdresser with great experience.

If you know exactly what kind of paint you want to buy, you can safely order it in the online store. This option is ideal for women living in small towns and cities, where often there is a lack of retail points of sale of professional products for hair.