The hair is of two kinds – those which do not contain ammonia. The first has a more aggressive, penetrating inside the hair, destroy the natural pigment, which occurs discoloration. Shampoo is more gentle, but keep on the hair is not more than three weeks.
Lightening paints are available in three forms – powder, cream, butter. Powder the most General concern, therefore, is used primarily for popryadno colouring – hair highlighting. Cream and oil are very convenient to use because they do not flow simultaneously with the discoloration pliable.
One of the most popular Garnier ("Garnier"), containing moisturizing and protective ingredients – extracts the oils of wheat, jojoba and olive. In the set with paint, there is a balm that should be applied to the hair after coloring. At this paint four brightening shades – superoverlay, platinum, sand and a natural blond, it is convenient to use, since it is a cream-gel, and staining takes 20 minutes.
Paint L'oreal (l'oreal) is able to lighten even very dark and grey hair will give your hair a yellow tint, kept the contrast Garnier long and thanks to essential oils, collagen and wheat proteins perfectly nourishes the hair while coloring.
If you want to lighten your hair for four to six colours, use the paint Palette ("Palette"). The secret is careful of the impact of this tool – part of it orange oil. In addition, this paint features a rich color palette – it's how you can become a gold, silver, pearl and ash blonde.
Resistance and ability to paint different gray hair dye Wellaton ("Vellaton"), and the thick consistency makes it easy to apply it on hair. The composition includes oxygen-based, B5 serum and therapeutic oils, as well as special light-reflecting components which protects hair from UV rays.
If your own hair color bright enough, but I want to make it lighter for two or three colors, use natural remedies such as chamomile, lemon, honey, rhubarb, yogurt, etc.