The issue of the replacement cartridge sooner or later confronts every printer owner. Most of them sent to the store, knowing only the name of your printer, but not having any idea about the name and number of the cartridge, and this information first thing and asks the seller. How not to get trapped and buy exactly what you need?

How to choose

Choosing the cartridge, you first need to study the manual to your printer and MFPs. The user manual contains information about consumables that you can use with this model. The printer manufacturers make recommendations about purchase of original cartridges, which guarantee the optimum print mode, and no risk that the device will fail. But the original cartridge is expensive, much cheaper to buy a compatible third-party cartridge manufacturer. But you still run the risk of running into restored or counterfeit cartridge.

How to determine which cartridge will fit

If the buyer knows the name of your printer, it will be easier to navigate, because on the box with the cartridge is very often specified, for any particular printer. This information is usually printed on the side. We should not be surprised that the same cartridge may fit multiple models of printers just printer could be refined and released under another name. If the printer name, the buyer does not remember what he will have to return home and open the device to see the number printed on the cartridge. Such information is usually difficult to confuse with anything else, it is a large and immediately "catches the eye".

If the color printer, the more you need to know the number of your cartridge, because for every color there is a cartridge with your number. To avoid wasting time on trial with the seller, you need to take care about this and to go to the store with a ready number of the cartridge written on the paper. If the number of the cartridge is not possible, do not rush out and buy this unit for printing, as it cannot be returned. You can try to look for the information on the manufacturer's official website by going to the page and the printer information in the section "supplies and accessories". Sometimes not printing filled cartridge can be restored, however, the price for this service commensurate with the price of a new cartridge.