You will need
  • Computer;
  • - laser printer;
  • - toner;
  • - the programmer.
First you need to carefully study the instructions for your printer model and cartridge. You can also search the Internet for instructions on filling. In addition, you should purchase a good toner. You should not take the cheapest. Before you begin, carefully prepare the workplace. The toner should be as careful as you can stain all around.
As already mentioned, you need to very carefully examine the cartridge. Holes where you can fill up the toner, normally closed by a cap. Also in the cartridge there should be a compartment for a waste toner. Disassemble the cartridge. Empty the waste toner, and then pour a new one. At first glance, everything is very simple. But a lot depends on the type of cartridge. Some of them understand very simply. To disassemble other models, you should spend more time. When all operations are completed toner, reassemble the cartridge.
If your cartridge chip (now, many cartridges as inkjet and laser printers equipped with them), in order to use it, you must update the chip. Device to reset chip called the programmer. To purchase the box, you need one that is right for your model printer.
Usually the procedure of resetting the chip is. Turn on the programmer. Hold it close to the chip of the cartridge. The light on the programmer should illuminate. Hold it in this position for a few seconds. When the indicator light will change color, it means that the cartridge is reset to zero. Now you can insert it into the printer. Try to print a test page. If all goes well, the seal of the village should be created normally.