You will need
  • Checking ink by software.
If you think that you should disassemble the cartridge and watch how much ink is left, you are sadly mistaken. Known cases when users of personal computers took an empty cartridge, and then weighed on medical scales. All these methods can not reflect the real picture of the state of the ink cartridge, because the cartridge disassembled, you'll break it and weigh in the balance is not accurate for many reasons.
To know exactly how many remains ink and how many pages you can still count, you must use the software checks these values. The first indication that the ink will end soon is a fuzzy print the entire page or parts thereof. The sheet may contain bright bands, which indicate problems during printing.
The second sign of the end of ink in your cartridge will be periodic flashing of the button "power on" or "printer". This case is critical, which means that the ink, as such, is almost gone. In this case, you can count only a few pages of print.
To determine the amount of ink on the above characteristics, you must use specific software that was installed when you connect the printer. Typically, the printer driver is already sewn a program that monitors the amount of ink. When you start printing, see "printing Status". This window contains information on the printing paper and ink status.