The standard way to reduce ink consumption is to turn on the saving mode of the printer. To change these settings, open in the open document "Print", "printer Properties" - "Settings" - "Graphics". Here in the "save Mode the printer" checkbox to "on" or in the same tab in the field "Density", select "Light".
Some printers or multifunction devices give the user the ability to specify the desired settings in the phone on the LCD monitor. Select the appropriate item in the menu and use the arrows or the buttons "+-" specify the required parameter. Confirm your selection with the button "Menu" or "Ok".
Reducing the brightness and fill in the printer software is not the best option. The color balance is disturbed and there is an incorrect color reproduction. It is best to change the value of the fill when you create an ICC profile for each material separately. However, it is important not to overdo the saving of the toner at low optical density affected the richness of the print and the opacity.
If the ink is of insufficient quality may occur such printing defects as abrupt transitions from light to dark in steps. Therefore, it is better if you buy ink, because despite the higher cost, they provide a great resource to reduce the density without losing the density and breadth of the color gamut.
In addition to the settings of the printer, and ink quality, the cause of the overrun of the ink may be frequent cleaning of printheads. When using volatile solvents for such cleaning takes place, the drying of the nozzles. As a result, a large amount of ink is wasted, not getting in the surface of the material. Because of frequent cleaning during printing is reduced and its speed. Here again the question arises about the quality of the ink.