To replace the ribbon cartridge in Epson printers you must first turn off the device. If the printer just worked, it is necessary to wait a few minutes for it to cool the printhead.
Open the printer cover and remove it. If necessary, remove the unit tensioning of the paper.
Remove the old cartridge by pressing the appropriate latches. Insert the new cartridge so that the guide pins of the design are firmly in the mounting socket of the printer. Install the print ribbon on the cartridge and install back the cover.
If we are talking about the inkjet printers from Epson, the replacement is somewhat different. Open the lid and click on the replacement ink to the print head is moved to the appropriate position.
Open the cover of the cartridge Bay. Remove used reservoir, insert a new one. Close the compartment cover and the printer cover. Click again on the button to replace the ink. The cartridge is replaced.
To get Epson laser toner cartridge, open the printer cover. Under it on the left side will see a rectangular hole with a lever inside. Click on it and start rotating the drum. To install a new toner simply insert it into the vacant place.
For ink replacement in HP cartridges also you must first open the printer cover. Click on the replacement ink. As soon as the carriage with the paint closer, click on the cartridge and lift it out. After installing the new toner, close the cover and press the corresponding button of the printer.
Canon printers automatically push the print cartridge carriage after you lift the cover. On the side of each tank is paint the latch, pulling which you can easily pull out the desired cartridge. To install a new toner simply insert it into the open slot until a click sound of locking.