To become a jeweler, you have to possess a number of personal qualities: perseverance, patience, and creative thinking. Working with metal and stone requires physical effort, a well-developed fine motor skills of hands and absolute view. The jeweler has forging, brazing, coining, black, inlaying and polishing.
Many of the jewelers masters of self-taught studying the profession on books, tutorials or directly from well-known and experienced artists. But keep in mind to get started on their own should have a certain capital. Desk jeweler should be equipped with a large number of tools and devices, which cost up to several thousand dollars.
The largest jewelry enterprises are constantly required highly trained specialists, therefore, many of the factories are open in the production of specialized schools for the training of goldsmiths-fitters, zakrepiv and casters. The desired profession can be purchased, after a six-month training course at one of these schools.
35 km from Kostroma is a village Red. It has long been famous for its craftsmen,jewelermi. Today Red – Russia's largest center of jewelry production. The village is known throughout the country the school of art processing of metals. COHOM – one of a kind school where students in four years, gaining the profession of jeweler generalists and become both designers, painters, engravers, sculptors.
Higher education is available from the Moscow art-industrial University. S. G. Stroganov, where the faculty of decorative-applied art there is a branch of artistic metal working. The Moscow state textile University named after A. N. Kosygin also there is the relevant specialty "Artistic design of jewelry". Please note: the Universities can do only after finishing art school or school. To study at the University will have six years.