Russian citizens can undergo the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) under the policy of obligatory medical insurance. Funding is from the Federal or regional budget on the basis of quotas.
One allowance provides only one IVF attempt.

Indications for intervention on a Pro Bono basis, are determined annually.

Federal funding in 2014

The decree of the Russian government defined the indications for free IVF in 2014. The procedure will hold for primary female infertility in the absence of ovulation or complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes. The decrease in reproductive functions of the husband (male factor infertility) is also considered an indication for free IVF. In addition, artificial insemination through the state can claim couples who are unsuccessfully treated for over a year. Patients must be medical proof of infertility and treatment.

Regional funding in 2014

Municipal budgets of different levels can further allocate funding for free IVF. In different regions the possibilities of such assistance is limited to different amounts. In some regions of the Russian Federation ECO on a Pro Bono basis is performed by a partial obstruction of the fallopian tubes, in endocrine infertility. Read more about the ECO grant for a specific region can be obtained from the attending physician.

Who is not allowed free IVF

Free IVF is not allowed to women in the late reproductive period, i.e. after 40 years. In addition, the program is not designed for couples who already have at least one common child. Mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse are contraindications to the IVF free of charge.

In that case, if there are absolute contraindications to pregnancy, artificial insemination is not performed.

Quotas for free IVF

Funding for the artificial insemination is allocated by decision of the regional Commission.
Committee for the selection of patients are in the regional centers of each region.
Doctor in the antenatal clinic after an appropriate examination makes extract from medical history. Next, the patient undergoes medical Commission for the selection of patients for IVF procedure, at the expense of means of obligatory medical insurance. By decision of specialists from allocated quota for artificial insemination in the medical institutions of the region or clinics in other cities of Russia.