IVF is carried out outside the body of the woman in vitro. To do this, under the control of us women have taken the ripened egg which is placed in a nutrient medium, and then implanted the sperm. The fertilized egg cell stage 8-cell education implanted in the woman's uterus. There it attaches to the wall and develops as a normal pregnancy.
The main advantage of in vitro fertilization is conception and child bearing in the complete infertility of a spouse. But do not forget that the transfer of the embryo into the uterus is not harmless to women's health. The procedure is performed only after a full examination and confirm the diagnosis. Very often, the ECO may be complicated by multiple pregnancies, develops when more than 2 embryos, which is fraught with prematurity and hypoxic fetuses. Often after such a procedure, there is an ectopic pregnancy.
IVF is expensive and costly. Unfortunately, in vitro fertilization is only effective in 50% of cases, which may lead to depression in women after failure. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a frequent complication during the IVF. After all, with replanting of embryos taken some eggs, and they are formed one each month. Therefore, to get more, the ovarian stimulation. In this case the woman may reduce urine output, accumulation of abdominal fluid and increased body temperature.
In mild cases, a loss of appetite, develops vomiting and nausea as well as diarrhea or fatigue. Severe cases require immediate hospitalization and sometimes surgery. Such conditions include bleeding or thromboembolism. But, fortunately, such complications are quite rare.
When the use of IVF increases the risk of malformations in children. The reasons for their occurrence, unfortunately, is still not understood. It is possible that the procedure itself causes these defects, as well as medications taken by the female to maintain pregnancy. But these defects are not hazardous to the child's life, and often amenable to surgical treatment.
Re IVF procedure after unsuccessful attempts can take up to 3 years. It was during this time a woman's body is completely restored after the first attempt.