The Christian Church – both Orthodox and Catholic – and forbids his followers to resort to IVF. The priests are so negatively evaluate this technology, even refusing to baptize the children conceived in this way.

The reason is not that IVF allows you to have children people whom God has deprived of such ability. The Church is not opposed to doctors helping people, but help should not be associated with mortal sins.

Why the Church forbids IVF

In natural conditions, during each ovulation Matures one egg. For in vitro fertilization in women with the help of special drugs to stimulate superovulation to ripen several eggs. It is necessary to increase the chances of a successful outcome, because the egg is very easy to damage when handling.

All these eggs are fertilized and on day 3 is placed in a special incubator. During this time, some embryos die. 2 embryos from the number of surviving implanted in the woman's uterus, the rest must be destroyed.

The law does not prohibit the destruction of embryos, because they are not considered people, but from a Christian point of view, life begins from the moment of conception. The Church does not welcome ECO for the same reason that it prohibits abortion: this procedure is accompanied by the murder of unborn children in such circumstances, even lose hope in baptism.

The reasons for the denial of baptism

The refusal of the priest to baptize the child born as a result of IVF, can cause confusion: Yes, the parents have sinned, but you can't punish a child for the sins of the father and mother. Baby no one does not blame, and the refusal of baptism is not a punishment.

Once Christians were baptized as adults, it was a serious, meaningful step of a believer. Currently, the Church baptizes infants who cannot themselves make any decisions. Responsibility for their future faith, education in Christian spirit rests with the parents.

The priest at all desire can not peep into the soul of each person, to assess the degree of his faith. But if the parents have used IVF, it clearly indicates that they do not consider it a sin killing an unborn child, therefore, it is not inherent in the Christian worldview. In such circumstances, the baptism has no meaning: all parents will raise the child in the Christian spirit.

The priest will not refuse baptism if they see that parents who use IVF, I sincerely regret my act. If this does not happen, we cannot say that such a child lost. If, in spite of the unbelief of their parents, grow up a Christian, no one will forbid him to be baptized in the age of reason.