Often it turns out that to increase the weight to thin persons much harder to lose weight than overweight men. Cause of excessive thinness can be hormonal diseases, such as malfunction of the thyroid gland or an improper balance of male and female hormones in the body. Painful thinness and loss of appetite are often the companions of diseases such as tuberculosis, gastritis, worms infection, malignancy. Therefore wishing to get well must in particular monitor their health and undergo a medical examination.
If you follow health, cheerful, active and have no chronic diseases, but childhood bad recover, it is likely that thinness is a feature of your metabolism. Your body adjusts very quickly turn into energy and expend calories. But nevertheless, you can try to gain a little bit body fat mass using the daily routine and a balanced diet.
Sometimes the cause of thinness in completely healthy people is unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, lack of sleep. Maybe you're eating on the go, not getting from food pleasure. Or sit in a stuffy room, what lost appetite. Notice their habits special attention. Try to Wake up, to sleep and to eat about the same time to normalize your biological rhythms.
To improve appetite spending more time in the fresh air, exercise. Do not be afraid that the sport will lead to more weight loss — muscle mass is heavier than fat, and increasing it, you will not weigh less.
Eat rationally. It is not necessary for the advice of friends to overeat sweets, fatty foods and flour products. Those products that violate the balance between income and energy consumption are equally harm full and thin. But due to the peculiarities of the body, ensure that it is carbohydrates, best slow accounted for a significant part of your diet. It is better that it was porridge, cereals, pasta from durum wheat. Let your Desk will always be seeds, sweet dried fruits and nuts.
Do not overeat for dinner but make it more nutritious. But before dinner, in any weather, take a half-hour walk to whet the appetite. In severe thinness can drink at night glass of warm milk or cream with honey.
Possible, give up strong tea, coffee, alcohol, Smoking and taking drugs. All of this can lead to the excitation of the nervous system and affect metabolism.