In order to be admitted to the needy, must apply to the competent authorities at the place of residence. But remember to get on the account, you must be registered in the city not less than 10 years, and your apartment must be smaller than the established norms of space per person. All regulations for the provision or improvement of housing in each region is different, so the answers to these questions you can get in local government.
To stand in a queue on improvement of housing, you must provide the following documents:
-certificate of registration in the last 10 years;
-characteristics of living space in 5 years;
-passports of all family members and birth certificates of children;
-marriage certificate;
-preferential certificate (if available).
-copies of labor books, if you live in a Dorm or a service apartment;
-petition from the company (also for people staying in hostels and service apartments);
-the act of the interdepartmental Commission for emergency housing);
-military ID;
Can also be requested for additional documents.
Your application will be considered within 30 working days. After that you will give or send by mail a document confirming the decision on statement on accounting for improvement of living conditions.
You can refuse if you have provided incomplete documents or if they are not reliable. The Commission must specify the reason for the refusal. In the case of illegal, in your opinion, decision, can appeal it.
According to the Housing code of the Russian Federation, the Commission has the right to remove you from the waiting list for improvement of housing, if you have changed your place of residence, received a grant housing subsidy identified inaccurate data in the registration records, as well as on citizens themselves if they have deliberately worsened their housing conditions.