Before you try to stand in the queue, read the legislation. For example, according to the Law of Moscow oblast of 12 December 2005 No. 260/2005-OZ "ABOUT an order of conducting accounting of citizens as needing the premises provided under contracts of social hiring" (adopted by the decree of the Moscow regional Duma of November 30, 2005 N 7/160-P)(amended 5 December 2008), get free housing entitled families deemed poor.
However, even if you think you are inadequate to get on the waiting list for housing in the suburbs, you need to go under the following rules: not more than 8 square meters of housing per person (you should not be giving, other real estate and vehicles), to be able to prove that over the next 18 years you are on your work will not be able to afford to buy an apartment of their own, live and be registered in the region you need at least 5 years.
If you come under all these conditions, it is necessary to collect the relevant documents. This package includes ID, proof of your status as a poor family's income and family composition. After that they should be attributed to the ad hoc housing Committee, which on the basis of its decision and will determine to put you on the queue or not.
If the Commission adopts a positive decision on your question, then it will only remain to wait for your turn. It last maybe 10 or even 20 years. But according to the existing regulations in return you will receive their 8 meters per person from 14 to 18 squares. More likely to obtain housing among those who joined the waiting list before March 1, 2005. Because the waiting list who had to provide documents prior to this date are in the queue first. And, therefore, soon will celebrate the housewarming. And all the rest will have to wait.