You will need
  • - passport (copies of all pages);
  • - information on family composition from the passport;
  • - accounting utilities (the management company) a copy of the account;
  • - marriage certificate (copy);
  • - birth certificate of children (copy);
  • - the contract of employment of municipal housing;
  • - a statement on the improvement of housing conditions;
  • to the right of BTI on the presence or absence of the property (taken in the last turn and fit 10
  • calendar days);
  • - certificate of Registration chamber (Rosreestr) on the presence or absence of a property;
  • - certificate from the registry office about the change of surname (if changed);
  • - 2-NDFL statement of work.
According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, Russian citizens have the right to buy housing in various ways. The lack of treasured square metres entitles the citizen to register for improvement of living conditions. Find out in the administration of your community of opportunities to participate in various programs to subsidize the purchase of housing. The law established that the accounting of the citizens needing improvement of living conditions, it should lead to the housing departments of district Councils. You can apply at the place of residence or place of work.
For advice about the possibility of obtaining subsidies or registration you should contact a lawyer in the district administration, if the family lives in the area, or to specialist of the city administration, if the family lives in the district center. Please specify whether you belong to one of categories of citizens who are issued housing on social hiring. Find out if there's a way to get in line and get an apartment.
Many of the administration do everything possible to prevent the passage of the necessary procedures are unnecessarily complicating it. Each family comes with an individual situation, but the documents may not be strongly inflated due to any additional conditions. If a compromise is not possible and on the way to registration is official, you should contact the Prosecutor's office. In this institution will explain what the standards for registration, under what programs the family may be appropriate. You should also write a statement about the abuse of power by the official.
Write a statement and submit it to the local authorities. Provide the documents confirming the right to improve housing conditions.
Since the verification procedure occurs in stages and requires a lot of time, await the notification of the decision. This message in the official form will be mailed.
To be able to stand on the account as needing improvement of living conditions, should be approached under the criteria of low-income families. Usually, the procedure of recognition of this status takes place simultaneously with the registration, sometimes not. It should be clarified in local government.