In the housing legislation there are three types of standards of living space. The rate of provision of housing under social lease contracts is determined by the local authorities – municipalities. Furthermore, besides the standard in square meters, subjected to the condition on which the provision of a room opposite-sex citizens that are older than 9 years is prohibited. Of course, spouses are not affected. Minimum required for registration. A social norm is used to calculate social benefits and compensation offered to low-income citizens, as well as to calculate the magnitude of utility bills.
Article 38 of the Housing code of RF stipulates Federal standards of living space per person – 12 square meters, while the minimum health standard of 6 square meters with a ceiling height of 2.2 m. But the concept of living space is almost not found in the normative acts of constituent entities of the Federation – these figures such a thing as total area of residential premises rely on one person.
The highest standards of accommodation provided under contracts of social hiring, established for the capital, which is equivalent to the subject of the Federation. So, lonely Muscovites, receiving housing as part of programs to improve housing conditions, you can count on a one-bedroom apartment with total area of 33 square meters. A family consisting of two people can get housing whose total area is 42 square meters. The family, consisting of three or more people will be able to get an apartment from calculation of 18 square metres per person. Additional square footage they can buy from the municipality at market value. Unfortunately, in most other regions of the standards of social housing differ from the capital down.
But your family has put in a municipal place in need of better housing conditions, each member shall have the number of square meters, less than the officially established minimum. For example, in Moscow, to register you need to every person living in the apartment, accounted for less than 10 square meters, and living in a hostel is less than 15 square meters. Accounting rate of housing for other regions also differ. Thus, the number of square meters of total area of the apartment per person required for registration to improve living conditions in Russia is from 9 to 12 square meters per person.