Russian girls are the most beautiful

About the beauty of Russian women is legendary. Russian girls very carefully I look after myself, love to visit salons and fitness centers. It attracts foreigners. The Eastern men pay attention to the exotic for them appearance - light skin, brown hair and blue or gray eyes. In Eastern countries, this type of appearance is very rare. Women who are married to representatives of the East and moved to another country, note that they often pay attention to the street. Often Eastern men go into relationships with the Russians, to boast of "wonder".
Often Eastern men marry Russian because of financial considerations. The Russians do not require a dower, gold and expensive clothes.

Flexible Russian women

Not the last role and character of Russian women. Despite the fact that Oriental girls to behave modestly and dress according to Muslim canons, at home they can show their hot temper. Russian woman, as a rule, on the contrary, submits to a domineering husband, not predoslovie him and behaves docile. Russian girls have long been famous for their thrift. And now most of the ladies loves to cook, knows how to create comfort and does not tolerate disorder.

The intelligence and overall development

Eastern women are brought up to be Housewives. In many Eastern countries women do not even get proper education. In a family where the older girls care about is to quickly marry them off, not to help them with a career. It is believed that a married woman and there is no need to be educated. In Russia, on the contrary, the majority of women have higher education, many of the advanced language learner or interested in psychology, politics, history. Russian women like to develop mentally. A wife can not only cook a delicious dinner, and make conversation over a meal.
The Russians similar to the Oriental women for their propensity to the arrangement of the hearth, family life and the birth of children.

The sexual liberation

Eastern women are taught to be docile and submissive, including sex. Often the role of women in the intimate sphere boils down to pander to the desires of her husband. Russian women are more liberated in sex. They know what excites them, and do not mind experimenting. Unlike the Eastern women, they do not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands and to enjoy the process. And any man is flattered that he likes his woman in bed.