Advice 1: Why Eastern men like Russian women

Stories about how Russian women marry Eastern men can be heard regularly. In Russia a lot of attractive - appearance, tidiness, thrift and a powerful mind.
Why Eastern men like Russian women

Russian girls are the most beautiful

About the beauty of Russian women is legendary. Russian girls very carefully I look after myself, love to visit salons and fitness centers. It attracts foreigners. The Eastern men pay attention to the exotic for them appearance - light skin, brown hair and blue or gray eyes. In Eastern countries, this type of appearance is very rare. Women who are married to representatives of the East and moved to another country, note that they often pay attention to the street. Often Eastern men go into relationships with the Russians, to boast of "wonder".
Often Eastern men marry Russian because of financial considerations. The Russians do not require a dower, gold and expensive clothes.

Flexible Russian women

Not the last role and character of Russian women. Despite the fact that Oriental girls to behave modestly and dress according to Muslim canons, at home they can show their hot temper. Russian woman, as a rule, on the contrary, submits to a domineering husband, not predoslovie him and behaves docile. Russian girls have long been famous for their thrift. And now most of the ladies loves to cook, knows how to create comfort and does not tolerate disorder.

The intelligence and overall development

Eastern women are brought up to be Housewives. In many Eastern countries women do not even get proper education. In a family where the older girls care about is to quickly marry them off, not to help them with a career. It is believed that a married woman and there is no need to be educated. In Russia, on the contrary, the majority of women have higher education, many of the advanced language learner or interested in psychology, politics, history. Russian women like to develop mentally. A wife can not only cook a delicious dinner, and make conversation over a meal.
The Russians similar to the Oriental women for their propensity to the arrangement of the hearth, family life and the birth of children.

The sexual liberation

Eastern women are taught to be docile and submissive, including sex. Often the role of women in the intimate sphere boils down to pander to the desires of her husband. Russian women are more liberated in sex. They know what excites them, and do not mind experimenting. Unlike the Eastern women, they do not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands and to enjoy the process. And any man is flattered that he likes his woman in bed.

Advice 2: Why Russian girls are the most beautiful

Increasingly on the catwalks of the world come Russian girls. More and more men from different countries want to find their family happiness with a beautiful woman from Russia. Russian women become the benchmark of Earthly beauty.
Russian beauty


Russia has never suffered from nationalism, as some other countries. Openness, hospitality and friendliness has been always peculiar to the natives. This, and the assimilation and blurring of boundaries are the reason that throughout the country today it is impossible to find any full-blooded Russian. Anthropologists believe that racial mixing improves the health and potential of humanity. This is the first reason of the beauty of Russian women.


No matter how changed fashion and tastes at different times and in different countries, always the main priority in the evaluation of beauty, were considered signs of good health: shiny thick hair, a healthy smooth skin and slim waist. Surprisingly, despite the relative imperfection of our environmental institutions, the nature of on sixth of the land is a lot cleaner than in Western Europe. And this is an important factor for the birth of healthy and beautiful children. Whatever temporary quirk of fashion, a fresh complexion, a healthy glow on the cheeks, clean bright eyes and light flying gait will never cease to be the main on the catwalks. The image of a healthy woman, the future mother of his children attracts mens attention on a subconscious level. Rosy Russian beauty with steep hips, lush Breasts, a thick braid and small waist conquers the world.

Russian nature

Proven that the inner world of man transforms his appearance. All traits of time draws on a face with wrinkles. Let's see what good, lovely real grandmother live nearby. The Russian tenderness and femininity, inherent to the Russian girls, is wisdom and enlightenment in old age.

Never in Russian villages and towns accustomed to the excessive emancipation. The woman has always been smart. She looks at her man with love and hope from the bottom up. The only way to encourage him to feats. Admiring the woman's eyes – what could be better?!

Only a Russian woman obeys, remaining unconquered. No man will not remain indifferent, looking into the eyes of such a beauty. Pride and softness, warmth and self-esteem – a deadly cocktail for the entire male population of the world.


Accept a priori that the ideal is something average. For greater approximation to it is necessary to collect as many different components (in this case race and ethnicity), a good stir and highlight something in between. This is exactly what happened a century and Millennium, on the territory of ancient Russia. The Polish gentry, the Scandinavian Vikings, Tatar, Caucasian and Northern peoples – all mixed up on the territory of Russia. The result is the most beautiful woman in the world.
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