The human soul is a priceless gift from God

To understand why the devil preys on man's soul, you need to know who he is. Satan was not always so, originally he was the Angel that God loved. This angel's name was Lucifer. Pride has overcome the devil, he wanted to be equal with the Creator, and was hurled down from heaven. Since then he hunts for the precious creation of the Creator — the immortal soul of man.

In Christianity, Satan is portrayed as the tempter and the chief among the fallen angels will be defeated in the end times.

The image of the devil often inspired writers, artists, poets and musicians throughout the history of art.Many people know the work of Goethe "Faust", where Dr. Faust sold his soul to the devil, and in return got the secret of eternal life, knowledge and power. The tragedy was written in the sixteenth century, but the topic dominates the minds of people in our time.

You can believe or not believe in God, but to deny that inside each every day is a struggle of light and dark account. Every time we face a choice, sometimes doubt the correctness of the decision plagued our hearts. What are we willing to go and what to sacrifice to achieve your goal? The answer to this question one finds himself.
If God is absolute freedom, the devil is absolute slavery.
Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky

The soul is a priceless gift that was given us by a loving Creator, and that makes people created in the image and likeness of God. Of course, the main enemy of God will try to Rob us of what we bestowed from on high.

The devil is interested in, not all souls

In the middle Ages people were convinced that the devil is especially attracted to the innocent souls. For them, he leads a special hunt. It is pleasure to destroy the soul pure, extraordinary man.
The sophisticated trick of the devil is to assure you that he does not exist!
Charles Baudelaire

While on Earth, man is constantly threatened by the possibility of falling under the power of the devil. The righteous he will lure, seduce and intimidate, waiting for the moment for which you can catch on. People don't even realize how at the mercy of the devil.

Since ancient times, people knew and no one ever the devil is not helps free. And the only thing that interests him in man is his immortal soul.

To sell his soul to the devil can have in life. Mostly, tempted by the money. How many inhuman crimes are committed in the world for the money. The deceiver knows how to seduce a man. Because so many people dream of a luxurious and carefree life, but what price they are willing to pay for it and to whom? The answer to the question everyone is looking for himself.