What you need to build a portal to outer space in Minecraft

Many players know how to craft the suit, however, despite its great benefit while in space, yet this subject is not enough. The rocket and other aircraft also will not help you to get into space. To move in space, you need to make a special portal. For its construction will need the same number of blocks as for the portal to hell, only need to use the iron.

To in space to mine the blocks, you will need and special tools.

In space live alien creatures that can attack you, so do not be amiss to grab a weapon.

Because without a spacesuit to survive in the outer world impossible, and his need to carry there all the time, its production must be preceded by transition through the portal. Crafted to suit you will need white wool.

How to make a portal to outer space in Minecraft

Build out of iron blocks, the frame of the portal 4 by 6. Activate it with a lighter and teleport to space.

Don't forget to bring an iron pickaxe in order to enable the extraction of resources, and the sword for protection.

How to behave in space Minecraft

If you have to make a portal to outer space in Minecraft, before moving to the new world remember the basic rules of conduct.

Move along the Islands that you will encounter. If you are ready planets will not be enough, build a new one.

Collect steel with UFOs and cosmic dust, craft it into a new useful items.

Don't forget that the suit should completely protect your character. The kit should include not only the helmet, but boots. Otherwise, you face imminent death.

It is not necessary to jump down the Islands, as the fall will cause great damage to the character.

Before space travel, bleed as follows your character and stock up on iron.

Is it possible to make a portal to outer space without mods

Despite what some tell you how to make a portal to outer space in Minecraft without cheats and mods, to make such construction impossible.

To build a portal, Minecraft install ModLoader.