Build at least two cities before you start building. To build a settlement in a short time by using matching the color of the blocks, making the demarcation of internal streets. Build external walls, lay roads and a guide lighting, to prevent the destruction of buildings treacherous mobs. For the construction of major buildings use readily available materials such as stones and wood. More valuable species - brick, iron and gold leave decoration of buildings. This way you will be able to quickly build a few cities and start connecting their portals.
To do in Minecraft town portal, use a clock and a few stone blocks of various types. Get four blocks on the floor in any place of the city from which to start the portal. Instead of the two extreme install one vertical stone block. Place them on top of the horizontal block so that it turned out like the letter "P" design.
Install two blocks of another color on the floor between the vertical blocks. Take the hourglass from the inventory and click them at the bottom of the design, after which it will begin to turn into a portal filled with liquid. Repeat the procedure of creating the portal, but in a different city. Please note that with the structure it needs to be exactly the same as at the entry point. Now you can instantly move between the two cities.