It is believed that to make compliments, a lot of gentlemen. However, the girl would be nice to master this science.

The basis of any compliment to a man is the praise of one of his virtues. Unlike girls who supposedly can't say "hackneyed phrases", the guys are quieter compliments, because sometimes they hear. But the criticism they are subjected to much stronger, and recover can be very difficult. Men cannot afford to show weakness and cry to your friends, so the experience caused a sharp word, can easily develop into complexes.

Before you learn how to tell a guy nice, make it a rule never to expose his qualities and actions criticized.

It is believed that repeating the same words incorrectly. But if you and your boyfriend are in a relationship for a long time and, despite this, I still admire his manly cheekbones, why not remind him about it every time you want? Thus you only emphasize the individuality of his men, which of course would give him pleasure.

Very difficult to enumerate a list of nice words that will suit your guy. But you can list what is important to note and praise in her man. All the compliments are divided into two groups: those that affect appearance and those that relate to the character.

On the exterior

Many men like it when girls make compliments about their taste in clothes, although at first it may seem that the "rags" they are not interested. If you like his new shirt, be sure to tell. But please note that it is necessary to praise not the shirt, and then, as he is in it looks great. Try to find why it so is: can the shirt fits the eye color or highlights his athletic figure.

Men want to look manly

The girl, being with a man that needs his presence to do his bold and confident. To achieve this effect, you need to emphasize the masculine traits of the boy.

If the thoughts of your young man of unusual and differ markedly from stereotypical thinking, then you should note it. Men like to look smart, so your words will give him confidence.

When your young person is joking, you should not ignore his humor. If you can appreciate the joke, it will be more beautiful than any sweet words.

The man will be pleasant words, marking his inner strength and a deep sense of responsibility. Compliments on this occasion will understand that you trust him, and therefore he is your defender.

Also guys, it is important to reach your certain success in sex. Girls may not always understand their aspirations in this area, but this does not mean that you should ignore his achievements. If you see something that you like, let us know, praise his creativity and ability to understand women. As a result, you are sure to get a strong and confident man.