Pockets, in fact, was not invented in order to cope with uncertainty. Their functional purpose is the carrying of small items: keys, key chain, lighters, matches. During the cold weather people often use their pockets to warm the hands. This, of course, not forbidden, but it looks ugly, especially if we are talking about the girl.

Where are the habits

A large part of the habits is produced in childhood. Looking at the parents, children begin to imitate them. If dad prefers to keep his hands in his pockets, the son will soon follow this example.

During a conversation on the street with a man hiding his hands in his pockets. This happens due to the excitement, if the person is shy and introverted. Pocket - a dark, secret place where the hands do what they want. Can poterebit keys, mash your ticket from the tram, thus slightly lighten their emotional state and cope with anxiety.
If people want to get rid of the habit to keep your hands in your pockets, you need to buy clothes without them.

Sometimes hands nowhere to go when they just hang down along the trunk it seemed ridiculous, and in the pocket they are comfortable and warm. A woman with the same problem cope with bags. Hands are busy, there is no problem. But men with a bag rarely go, they tend to fold in his pants pockets and jackets. The most valuable is there, so these treasures should be protected from encroachment from the outside. Hands in pockets - are the guards of treasures.

Sign language

There is sign language and body. According to this language, the location of the hand along the body is a sign of a weak will, repentance, obedience. Such a position can be observed in the army, when soldiers stand in formation. A guy or a girl on a subconscious level want to avoid a situation in hands, and therefore feels uncomfortable if hands nowhere to go.
Sexologists say that a man holding hands in pockets, not satisfied with his sex life.

Disease - the cause of bad habits

There are cases where people feel embarrassed about their appearance. Ugly hands, nails - reason complex. The person will in all ways to hide your hand from prying eyes. The nails can become unsightly if near them settled fungus. Also there are many other diseases that affect the face and integuments of the whole body.