Watch the facial expressions of the other when he talks to girls. Psychologists have noticed that if a man likes the interviewee, his eyebrows slightly raised up. The total expression remains friendly and open. It is important not to confuse this signal with an expression of bewilderment or surprise.
Take note of this unconscious manifestation of sympathy: a man looks into the eyes of a woman is short and slightly open mouth.
People give gestures. When we want to please a person, we unwittingly begin to preen. If a man touches your hair, usherusher them or smoothes or straightens her clothing is a signal.
The men at the meeting with the subject of sympathy changing posture: the back is straightened, shoulders straightened. The reverse situation – a man leans a little closer to the object of sympathy, if I want to hear what the interviewee says.
A clear sign of interest of a sexual nature – the emphasis on his manhood. Laid belt large fingers, as if framing the right place, or thumbs embedded in the back pockets of the pants (the lower part of the body in a natural way exhibited slightly forward), provide a very clear signal. Often these movements are unconscious, as laid down in the subconscious of the man.
At the sight of the person that causes the interest, the voice becomes a little louder. Being in a group of people, a man at the sight of the girl trying to stand out active behavior in order to attract attention, often throwing glances in her direction.
If communication happens in the company, where the "desired object" as a rule, the case men turned in the direction of this object.
Almost unconsciously the person seeks to engage in physical contact with the researched person. If the man in conversation often touches women runs a hand through the hand and took me by the elbow, touching her as if in a friendly gesture on the shoulder, all this suggests that it is extremely interested, and in case of accidental touch never let a man take my hand away first.