Act friendly but not familiar. If you want to keep a certain distance with others, dispense with impetuous enthusiasm at the meeting and strong emotions when speaking. The expression of feelings brings people closer together. Since you want to stay just friends with a particular person, keep a bit distant.
Do not make personal calls and do not answer questions about his personal life. On all questions relating only to you, answer briefly and clearly. It is important to remain polite person. After all, you just want to keep a distance and not scare away others altogether. If you do not confide with other people, most likely, they will not share the secret with you, and relationships will be built exclusively for business scheme.
Don't settle for additional meetings with the man who doesn't want to see among their friends. Don't be afraid to offend someone. If you do not want to move closer to the individual, use a plausible excuse and refuse offers. Remember that the friendship and friendly relations originate mostly in an informal setting. You need to avoid.
If you want to set a barrier between you and the other person, introduce yourself by name and patronymic and communicate only on "you". Contact person very polite and respectful. It will not allow to appear in your communications familiarity and familiarity. Talk only business and do not laugh too much.
Physically distancing. During a conversation with the person try to move away from him a few steps and retreating to a table or file. Subconsciously, your partner will take this as a signal that you are not ready for rapprochement. Take all personal issues to work issues. Then the person realizes that you are currently serious way.
Try to quickly go to the heart of the matter. Some people delay out of courtesy small talk, and then wonder that they are treated too familiarly. It is not necessary tact to ask too many personal questions. People can take it as a signal for convergence. Control your own emotions. If you pour into someone negative, you have to destroy the distance that was originally between the two of you were. Try to be reserved, even slightly aloof man.
Keep in mind that it is very difficult to keep a distance from all people. So you will not have friends. Learn to change your approach to others depending on their current needs. At work you can be suspended, and the company should show a lively interest in the audience and to the topic of General conversation.