Explain to your family that the things that man says in the dream, in most cases, have no relation to reality. The fact that family members often see in night conversations, secret signs, or even stories about the secrets start to analyze them, organize the tedious questioning. Man begins to fear talking in my sleep, and it only worsens the situation.
Fight segoviana only if it prevents your partner tiring or even exhausting you, causing constant sleepiness. It is also important to try as soon as possible to get rid of this phenomenon, if it is accompanied by other destructive sleep disorders, for example, sleepwalking. Otherwise, fight night conversations do not have.
If you suddenly began to talk in her sleep, though before such was never, analyze their actions and his condition in recent days, identify the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, and then try to eliminate it. As a rule, segoviana occurs because of severe stress, illness, accompanied by a rise in body temperature, and also due to some medications. Avoid anxiety and strong emotions, stop taking pills, etc.
Reduce emotional stress before bedtime. In the evening do not read exciting books, watch movies with scenes of violence or serious plot, not exercise. Try to refrain from quarrels and necksleeprelations niya. Try to create a kind of evening ritual that you'll be spending every night. It may consist of walking, bath or shower, listening to soothing music, etc.
Provide the most suitable environment for sleep. The air must be fresh and cool throughout the night. It is desirable that the room was quiet: loud clock ticking, fan noise and other extraneous sounds can trigger segoviana.