Children's trauma.

Jamel debbouze born 18 June 1975 in Paris, in a Moroccan family who moved to the suburbs Trapp. In addition to his family had five children.

At the age of fourteen years, and in January 1990, Jamel and his contemporary Jean-Paul Edmett played on the tracks in the subway. With them the accident happened, in which Jean-Paul died, and Jamel severely injured his right hand. In the end she ceased to grow and almost atrophied. Now Debbouze is unable to use it, and because it is always right sleeve tucked into his pocket. All scenes of films with his participation are removed middle and General plans. The actor himself joked that his main and most successful role - "man with hand in pocket"

After the accident the couple Admit accused man to Jamel in the death of his son. But in court all charges were dropped - the evidence was in favor of his innocence. However, parents Jean-Paul is still very aggressive against Debbouze. And when in 2004 a concert was organized man to Jamel, they tried to disrupt organizing a protest.

Career Man To Jamel Debbouze.

After the accident, Jamel became unfit for physical labor. Special thrust to science the young man, too experienced. But it is great to know how to amuse others. And he struggled, but still got to the theatre of improvisation. There's a talented guy noticed Alen, They, who in the actor's environment everyone called Gramps. He pushed the man to Jamel to the fore in the performances of his troupe.

At the very beginning of his career Debbouze began acting in short films. But success in this field came to him at once, and before that Jamel has worked on radio and TV. In 1995, it drew the attention of the leaders of the "Radio Nova", and for several years Jamel daily broadcast. Then he gradually moved to television and became the leading program "elsewhere".

The real fame came to him with the film "Amelie", "Asterix and Obelix: Mission cleopatre, angel-A".
Now Jamel debbouze is incredibly in demand as the Acker and beloved by the audience. In 2004 it was carried through Paris the Olympic flame. In his creative Treasury of 27 films. In addition, he was twice nominated for film award "Cesar" for best supporting actor for the film "Amelie" and "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra." And he is the winner of the Cannes branch, received a silver award in the category "best male role" for the film "Patriots".