You will need
  • old beads;
  • fishing line;
  • - of nylon or cotton threads;
  • - needle;
  • - nail Polish;
  • knife;
  • - the unit for burning.
If you liked torn beads and you would not want to change their form, take a new thread and again collect the beads in the same order as before. Use a sturdy thread. Nylon will fit in any case and cotton first try to break. Use it only if the gap requires a rather large effort.
Beads with large enough holes you can string the most common sewing needle. This method applies if you have good vision, precise movements of the hands and you are afraid to scratch the material. The thread in this case can be double, even folded in four. In all other situations, dip the thread end in nail Polish and wait until the drop dries. She will play the role of a needle, but not hurt. The thread should be slightly longer than anticipated beads, because the ends must be bonded. The excess will be trimmed after work.
Beads without string locks in any order. Enter the end of the thread in the first bead and pull it almost to the other end, leaving a small cut. Put all the other beads. The ends of cotton yarn tie a double or triple knot. The remaining pieces are cut almost to the knot, leaving the tips of 1-2 mm. the ends of the synthetic thread or fishing line sealed. This can be done by using a very hot thin knife. Convenient to use and needle to burn. Sapevate very careful not to burn the thread and not to damage the beads.
To pereneset beads with a lock, the first end of the thread attach half of any clasp. To do this the easiest with a needle with cotton thread, because the lock should be properly braced. Attach the beads to the second end of the sew the second half of the clasp.
Finding a box of several different types of beads, make a composition of them. Fit is not very intricate schemes for beading. Possible and without any diagrams to make an interesting decoration. Cut a few strands. For example, there may be two or three. For beads without thread lock them, first in one bead. Then divide and place the first one thread, then another. At the end of the work thread again thread one bead. Tie or solder the ends of the strands.