Take a GOI paste and a soft cloth. Clean the earrings from all sides, avoiding rocks and other decor. If the product has deep scratches, it is better not to use paste, as it will hide in cracks and give a greenish tint to the metal.
Pour in a small but deep container of water. Add a little powder or dishwashing detergent without chlorine. Mix well and submerge the earrings in the resulting solution. Place the container on the stove over low heat and simmer for about an hour. Then rinse the product under running cold water and dry with a soft cloth.
Add 200 ml of water 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Boil the solution and drop it into a gold product. Be careful, the baking soda when boiling begins to foam and may leak out on the plate. After treatment, rinse the item in cold water and wipe with a cloth soaked in ammonia.
Mix the hydrogen peroxide with ammonia (1:1). Place your earrings in the solution overnight and in the morning just rinse with clean water. If necessary, clean with a soft toothbrush.
Rinse the mouth helps remove plaque with gold jewelry. Pour some funds into the glass and submerge it in the product for 2-4 hours. Ditto and a solution of toothpaste and water.
Apply the brush a little bit of mint toothpaste for sensitive teeth that does not contain abrasive particles. Good clean gold jewelry. Rinse in cold water and wipe dry with a flannel cloth.
Buy a special liquid, which is used for cleansing jewelry. Before fully immerse the product, apply a small amount of mortar on the inner side of the earring and wait a bit. If no adverse reactions are observed, boldly proceed to the purification of gold. Detailed instructions for use you will be able to read the packaging.