You will need
  • Access to the Internet, search engines, Satya, etc.
First you need to establish how well do you remember the song. You may remember artist and track name, only artist or only title, or only remember a few words from the song.
If the artist and song title remember, the problems should arise. Inserting this data into any major searchowou system, you most likely (if the song is quite famous) get information about the song and about where you can download or buy a CD.
If you know only the artist name or only the name of the song, we can once again use the search engines, do not forget to specify in the query string of the word "song" in order to avoid ambiguity, the name of the song or artist. Thus using the name of the artist or song name to get, respectively, the name of the song and artist name.
If you know the name of the artist, you can also use Wikipedia or the official website of the musician, where he probably collected all his songs. Can help and other music sites with search function, for example
In the most difficult case - when known only to a few words of hope is also not worth losing. Entering the famous words in the search box of a search engine is possible again to go on you are interested in the song. In addition, there are special sites that search for lyrics. One such site is you can search and chords of songs. To search for old children's songs according to you can use the website
If you have difficulty in finding old songs can be around on the Internet on various music forums. You can go to the forum "Autoradio", which have a special theme to search for old songs by text