Deep cleansing of the skin is produced both in spas and at home. Home when deep cleaning, use the special tools, particularly brushes.

Types of brushes for deep cleansing facial

There are three types of brushes for the face: ultrasonic, electric and regular brushes.

The first work by vibration. They accelerate the metabolism and renewal of skin.

Electric brushes have nylon bristles, which cleans the pores due to the circular motion. These brushes have a waterproof case and multiple speeds.

Conventional brushes often are made of soft natural bristles. The strength of the impact depends entirely on performing the cleaning person. This option of brushes the cheapest and almost no way inferior to electric and ultrasonic.

The benefits of using brushes for deep cleansing

Brushes have a lot of advantages in its use.

1. Using the brush allows you to deeply clean your skin pores that cannot be done by hand, even with the use of special tools.

2. Does massage of the skin, normalizes blood circulation and, consequently, regeneration.

3. Using brushes to remove makeup. The effectiveness of removing makeup primereniya 80% better than when removing it by hand.

4. Owners of oily skin brush helps to get rid of Shine. This cleaning should be done twice a day.

5. The skin begins to show greater sensitivity to cosmetic products, and, therefore, increasing their effect.

6.After prolonged use of the brush evens out skin tone, and fine wrinkles disappear.

Cons of using brushes

Despite a number of undeniable advantages, the use of brushes when cleaning the skin has a number of disadvantages.

1. Cleaning the skin using brushes is contraindicated owners of dry skin. Brushes can cause damage and micro-scratches on the skin.

2. It is also worth to renounce the use of brushes, if the skin are herpes and neoplasms (warts and papillomas). Even minor damage can enhance their growth and lead to the defeat of large skin areas of the face.

3. When close to the surface of the skin capillary mesh, the use of brushes can cause rupture of blood vessels and the appearance of hematomas.

4. With the wrong selection of the bristles and the pressure may stretch the skin. This happens most often when using electrical brushes.