It is important to choose the right eyebrow color. If you want your eyebrows have started to look natural and expressive, it is very important to choose the eyebrow color to hair color and skin. Pick tones that are slightly lighter than your natural hair colour and Vice versa, for ash and blond hair. Gray and colorless eyebrows can deprive a person of expression. They should be lightly tinted.
Blondes with light skin gets too dark eyebrows.Select the paint medium brown or light brown. These colors are most will be able to harmoniously fit in the image.
Medium brown is ideal for those women whose hair color has a Golden-red hue, and light skin.
The owners of rich red hair color will suit Auburn or terracotta color of the eyebrows.
Chestnut your best on dark brown or dark gray eyebrow color.
Brunettes with fair skin, the most viable option is a dark brown or dark gray color.
But brunettes with dark skin it is best to give preference to the black color of the eyebrows.
Women with grey hair are most suited dark-sulfur or medium brown eyebrow tint.
If your hair is colored in a palette of red hues, it does not mean that the eyebrows and you should be painted in red pencil. In this case, you must take pencil in brown scale, black or olive-grey – is not suitable. The main color should be matching and harmony.
Try to match the color of the eyebrows so that they cannot cause a negative and not turned the brightest area on the face, but only intelligently underlined your eyes and look.You can use as a pencil, and shadow. If you painted eyebrows with a pencil, the pencil needs to be fairly solid. The harder the pencil is, the less bright and saturated color it is.