You will need
  • - glass or ceramic container;
  • brush for eyelashes or cotton swab;
  • rubber or plastic gloves;
  • - greasy cream;
  • - Kleenex;
  • - an old towel.
Select and buy a special paint for the eyebrows. Dye hair won't suit you. When deciding on color, consider the shade of hair and skin, the color of the eyes. Also be aware that for brunettes suit eyebrows lighter than the original color of a semitone.
Carefully read the instructions for using dyes for eyebrows. Close the shoulders with a towel and put on gloves. Prepare the paint exactly according to instructions.
Check if you are allergic to components of the paint (it is written in the abstract). If everything is in order, begin the painting process. First, spread the skin around your eyebrows cream or vaseline. With a brush or cotton swab to gently apply the paint on your eyebrows with a thick layer in direction of hair growth.
Watch out with that paint does not enter the eye. If this happens, wipe her brow with a tissue, rinse off the remnants and wash affected eyes with plenty of water.
Keep the paint on the eyebrows for the amount of time that is specified in the instructions (usually 10-15 minutes). Remove ink with a dry cloth or cotton pad. Eyebrows rinse thoroughly with warm water.
If you have allergies to dye, lighten your eyebrows a natural dye with lemon juice. Do daily compresses of juice-soaked cotton swabs or disks. The duration of treatment is 20 minutes. The number of treatments depends on what shade of brow you want to get.
Alternatively, lighten eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide (3%). Cotton swab soaked in peroxide, wipe them and then rinse with warm water. Whocanrequire multiple daily treatments. After them eyebrows out of the dark become light brown.