Choose paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes are better quality brands. From the cheap and questionable means should be abandoned because their use may be hazardous to the eyes. The paint is designed for dyeing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows can not be used.
If you are a first time paint a particular company, then make sure to test to see if any allergic reaction to the components of the means. To do this, prepare the paint according to instructions and apply a small amount on your wrist. Hold for 10 minutes and rinse. If during the day not manifest signs of Allergy or irritation, the paint can be safely used.
For mixing paint and oxidizer cannot use a metal container. For this suitable ceramics. Usually the staining is put a special plastic spatula for mixing. Place it into the container the required amount of the oxidant and paint, following the instructions. After mixing, it is necessary to wait a few minutes.
Before painting you need to prepare a eyebrow and eyelashes. It is necessary to wash, to wash off all makeup and sebum. The area around the eyebrows to gently with a cotton swab to grease with a fat cream to not get on the painted hairs. For ease of dyeing of the eyelashes under the eye put soaked in water the applicators, which usually have the sets for painting.
Apply the paint thickly, using a special brush. Try not to get on skin. If that happened, then gently remove the excess paint with a cotton swab. Paint usually keep 10-15 minutes, you need to follow the recommendations in the instructions. Remove it with a cotton disk, and the remainder washed with warm water.
Modern manufacturers produce various paint colors for eyebrows and eyelashes, but the most common are black and brown. It should be noted that blonde women are by nature pale eyebrows, use black paint is not worth it, it will look unnatural. Better to choose brown color, and to begin to try to hold the paint a little less than advised in the instructions.