The procedure for dyeing eyelashes in the salon

Often the coloring of eyelashes resorted to girls and women with bright, light brown or red hair. The coloring procedure is not particularly difficult. In the cabin, the wizard selects the hue of the dye which is suitable to face. Shade must blend with the color of the skin and hair. Currently, manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of shades from black and graphite to brown and gray. The paint used is specially designed for eyelashes. Please note that hair dyes cannot be painted eyelashes.

Painting eyelashes is a delicate and painstaking work. The procedure is absolutely painless. Professional master executes it for 10-15 minutes. Eye specialist puts cotton pads and hypoallergenic adhesive tape so that the paint does not enter on the delicate skin. Then the master applies a medium thick layer on your lashes. His eyes are completely closed. Open them during the procedure, as the paint can get to the mucous and hard to burn. After a certain time, the paint washed off, and the lashes become brighter, thicker and longer. Before applying the paint you need to protect your skin. For this purpose, as a rule, used a greasy cream, vaseline.

After painting eyelashes professional paint you will never have problems such as leaking mascara or smeared eyeliner. With dyed eyelashes, you will not have every day to spend extra time on makeup. Colored lashes are relevant not only during the holidays and on the beach, but in everyday life. The procedure of the professional dyeing can be a life-saver in a situation when much the lashes off, turning gray and thinning due to age.

The paint stays on the lashes for 2-3 weeks, and then begins to fade. Then the staining procedure should be repeated. Recommended frequency of staining: 1 time per month.

An Allergy test

Such negative consequences of dyeing, as an allergic reaction or loss of eyelashes is strictly individual. Therefore, prior to application always perform a test for skin sensitivity. Apply a bit of paint behind the ear, and after 15 minutes rinse. Now days you need to wait: during this period, you may receive an allergic reaction. It will manifest itself with redness, burning or peeling. If no such reaction occurs then you can safely paint the lashes with this paint.

To ensure that the staining procedure was safe and did not cause harm to the eyelashes, need to use hypoallergenic paint. Dyes of new generation do not contain the harmful substances. Often in the cabin on top of the normal paint apply protective cream that provides color fastness.

Masters recommend to take care of your eyelashes after application. First, you need to use a gently cleanser to the eye. These include tonics, mousses, lotions and masks. Second, to strengthen eyelashes need to massage them with warm oil (olive, castor). The oil is useful to add vitamins A, E, F, D. Apply a drop of oil on your finger and moisten them with the tips of the lashes. Then comb them with a soft brush from the base to the top. Preferably a bit of massaging the base of the eyelashes.