You will need
  • Lemon, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, cotton wool, tweezers, cream, sunflower oil, alcohol.
Paint a good going, to use oil – sunflower, olive or castor. Apply a little on a cotton swab and gently massage into hairs eyebrows and skin. During the day from time to time wash the oil with a swab moistened with alcohol or lotion alcohol based. After that, each time renew the layer of oil on the eyebrows. Besides the fact that this way washes away the paint, it is also good for your hair. The same effect is when you use any fat cream. However, do not use these funds for the night: remain swelling. Another quite budget – several times a day to wash your eyebrows with soap and water.
How to wash <strong>paint</strong> <b>eyebrows</b>
Hold on the painted areas of the eyebrows cotton balls soaked in lemon juice or a very concentrated solution of citric acid. The skin may sting, but it will not remain unwanted traces of paint.
How to wash <strong>paint</strong> <b>eyebrows</b>
Apply on a cotton swab the normal hydrogen peroxide solution and gently wipe the most brightly colored areas. You can also RUB the eyebrows with a cotton disk with the tool "Curl" to the chemical coloring of your hair.
How to wash <strong>paint</strong> <b>eyebrows</b>
Lightly thin out eyebrows with tweezers: the effect is the same as if they are slightly lightened. However, to use this tool, you need experience and a steady hand.
How to wash <strong>paint</strong> <b>eyebrows</b>
Any manufacturer of paint produces also a tool for removing her eyebrows. This is effective, but will cost more.
How to wash <strong>paint</strong> <b>eyebrows</b>