You will need
  • Dye, oxidizing agent and brush to paint.
Mix in any non-metallic (porcelain, clay, glass) ware oxidizer and paint. First, add the oxidizing agent should be approximately 2.5 ml. If no meter, use a teaspoon or a pipette (a teaspoon placed 5 ml or add 7-8 drops from a pipette). Oxidizer for paint can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide (10-12 %).
Now in a bowl, pour the paint for the eyebrows. It should be approximately 5 ml, that is 1 teaspoon. Mix the components and let them in for 1 minute to infuse. Then you can apply the paint on the eyebrow brush. After applied, comb dyed eyebrows along the growth of the hairs to distribute the paint evenly throughout. After a few minutes, rinse the paint with warm water and cotton swab.