Some women who used the Basma, and then tried to dye his hair the paint counter, faced with such a problem as poor adhesion of the dye or no result at all. That is why in the instructions of many hair colors write that to use the tool is not recommended on hair previously dyed with henna or Basma. What to do if you a while ago I dyed my hair with Basma, and now you want to use permanent paint in a different shade?

Features Basma

If you decide to color your hair with Basma or a mixture of henna and Basma, you have to consider that within a few months of persistent use of hair dyes would be pointless. In most cases we have to cut off the hair colored with Basma, as this is the only way to change bored color of the hair.

Thin and light hair Basma will be apprehended quickly, giving a rich dark wash. Also this type of hair may manifest characteristic of this natural dye "green", which will be very difficult to remove. Hard, strong and dark hair, and such surprises are rare.

Once you color the hair with Basma, you will have to maintain the desired shade, repeating the procedure every 1-3 months. Otherwise, the color on the hair will acquire a red or purple shades, thereby spoiling the overall picture. Use the Basma exclusively paired with henna, otherwise green hair you can not avoid.

It is not necessary to dye your hair with Basma, if you have previously used permanent paint or has undergone perms – no one can guarantee that the color will turn out exactly the way you planned.

What kind of paint to paint Basma

If you want to paint the result of the use of Basma, you will have two options for changing colors. First, you can find in stores that sell cosmetic products, a special remover for natural dyes (such as funds for long-lasting colors will not work). This tool is very hard to find, especially in small towns. After using the washes you can go for hair coloring resistant paint of any color.

Second, to paint Basma with a 100% probability you will be able, using a mixture of henna and Basma. Depending on in what proportion you mix two of these tools will change the future shade of hair. To get a bright non-standard hair color, you will have to use permanent paint.

To lighten hair dyed Basma is not necessary, since in such cases, you may receive unexpected tones that then it will be very hard to get out of hair or to paint.