To color eyebrows, first you need to choose the colours. For girls with black hair fit that that dark brown. Blondes makeup artists suggest to paint the eyebrows three shades darker than the color of their hair, brunettes, by contrast, fit the paint three shades lighter than the shade of hair.
Any chemical dye can cause allergic reactions, so before painting, the eyebrow test for sensitivity. How to do it, written instructions on the application of any paint. If after Allergy test has not appeared, then you can start painting. Mix the composition for dyeing as described in the instructions, strictly observing proportions. Lubricate the skin above and below the eyebrow fat cream (baby), not to stain your skin.
Stir the coloring composition and apply it on the eyebrows on the line of their growth. It is convenient to apply the paint with cotton swab, as she carefully covered all the hairs. Keep the paint on the eyebrows for 10 minutes, then wash off with water. For convenience, you can first remove the coloring composition of the eyebrows with a cotton pad, then wash.
Over time, the painting procedure will not cause you any difficulties. But we should remember that the chemical dye dry hair and skin. For painted eyebrows need special care. At night, they are useful to lubricate the castor oil which strengthens and restores the structure. You can do warm oil compresses: moisten the cotton puff with warm cosmetic oil (peach, grape, olive, almond) and apply for 5-10 minutes on the eyebrows. After that you can wash. After these procedures, painted eyebrows will be beautiful and healthy.