Flux in a child

The child the abscess develops much faster than that of an adult. To delay treatment is impossible, but if you have no opportunity to go to the doctor, you can at home to help your child cope with illness and to prevent spread of the tumor. In any case, an accurate diagnosis of your child may provide only specialist, he also needs to prescribe the right treatment.

How to treat abscess in a child folk remedies

If you experience a flux there is a large accumulation of pus and, as a consequence, develops a tumor. To stop the spread of the tumor, it is necessary to apply a rinse infusion of oak bark or sage. Steep 2 tablespoons of sage in half a liter of water, let it brew broth for as long as possible, the resulting broth rinse your mouth at least once in 3 hours. Tincture of sage can help reduce pain for your child and at the initial stage of development, flux and fully cure him.

As one of the options, use the solution to rinse out a couple of drops of iodine, salt and baking soda. To do this, take a teaspoon of salt and baking soda and dissolve them in a glass of warm water, then add a few drops of iodine. Soda can be used as a compress by putting it on cotton wool and dabbing a little.

Also suitable for rinsing tincture of calendula, making take 2 tablespoons of calendula flowers per Cup of water, let stand for about 45-50 minutes. Help your child can cabbage leaf. Boiled for 2 minutes, the sheet put on the sore spot. If your child has had a breakthrough ulcer, rinse your mouth with soda solution and hurry up with a visit to the doctor.

Remember, in any case, you should not do compresses and heat the site of inflammation, as heat will only help the development of microflora and the development of tumors that lead to complications. To reduce the swelling and pain you need to make the ice from the cheeks.

Make no tight dressings, they are useless, and especially not giving antibiotics without the advice of a doctor. Completely cure your baby may only be a specialist. It is important to remember that if you delay the treatment, the abscess can lead to blood poisoning, so you should not get involved in the treatment at home, and at the first opportunity should go to the doctor.