You will need
  • - the spines of burdock
  • list of Valerian
  • - a decoction of sage
  • - calamus root
  • - infusion of herbs yarrow
  • - a decoction of horsetail
  • - the infusion from the bark of oak trees, aspen bark, violet tricolor and blooming sage
  • - tincture of birch buds with vodka
  • - Golden moustache
Collect the burrs of burdock. Pour a glass of boiling water 6 spines, put the broth on a steam bath for half an hour, remove and let stand for another hour. Strain and use to gargle every hour.
If put between the sick tooth and a swollen cheek, a Valerian leaf, or sorrel, the pain will gradually decrease.
A warm decoction of sage, which you need to rinse your mouth as often as possible, helps to relieve inflammation.
Calamus root relieves tooth pain and swelling: a thin plate of a root put on the aching tooth and replace as necessary.
An infusion of yarrow herb helps to get rid of a toothache and swelling: half a liter of boiling water add 2 tablespoons of herbs and place on a steam bath. Rinse your tooth every hour.
A decoction of horsetail is also used in diseases of teeth. It is prepared similarly to the decoction of yarrow.
If possible, prepare an analgesic and antiseptic infusion of oak bark, aspen bark, violet tricolor and blooming sage. Oak and aspen have to boil on a slow fire, and the rest of the ingredients to cook separately. Then connect both infusion and rinse your tooth during the day.
Tincture of birch buds with vodka helps to relieve inflammation and swelling. Apply to the aching tooth cotton wool moistened with this tincture, and keep for 15 minutes. After, take a short break and re-attach a cotton swab soaked in tincture.
Apply to the aching tooth slice of fresh (salty) pork fat.
If you have in the house plant Golden mustache, resort to his aid. Mustache, leaves and stems of this family doctor reduce inflammation and heal wounds. Make a decoction of one leaf of a plant, Bay with boiled water, and rinse your tooth during the day. You can chew a piece of us. And if you have a tincture on vodka – soak a cotton ball and apply to the aching tooth.