The most common causes of inflammatory process of gums are swelling the neck of the tooth and swelling of the tooth root. In the first case, the pain is dull and constant, but not given in other parts of the head (ear, eyes, head). As a rule, the cause may be the aggravation of periodontitis or gingivitis.

To get rid of possible complications (for example, pus from gums, increased tooth mobility) is necessary to eliminate the appearing plaque, Tartar using special drugs. Also an experienced expert will be appointed by application on the gums with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. To restore the health of gums and teeth it is recommended to use medicated toothpastes.

A tumor on the root of the tooth entails the emergence of pain in the ear or head. As a rule, the contact of the tooth with food increases the pain. This is most likely a worsening of periodontitis, which is accompanied by transition of edema on the adjacent teeth.

To get rid of the tumor, it is necessary to do an x-ray picture to accurately establish the cause of the inflammatory process. With a small swelling physician with therapeutic procedures will eliminate the inflammation. Advanced stage imply that resection of the root basis of the tooth.

In young children the cause of tumors of the gums is teething, and in adults the eruption of wisdom teeth. To ease the pain and speed up the growth process, the dentist makes a small incision in the gums. In this case, you must exclude the growth of the tooth at an angle, which is a significant deviation from the norm.

Swelling of gums after tooth extraction is a normal reaction to the intervention. To reduce pain, the doctor prescribes drugs that can reduce swelling. For example, effectively rinsing with a solution of salt and soda in equal proportions, diluted hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, a decoction of sage, chamomile.