Well if you carry antibiotics, take a pill friend drug that you have previously used. Antibacterial drugs are winning purulent inflammation, penetrating not only the gums but also the bone tissue (teeth).
Dissolve in a glass of warm water a teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Rinse your mouth as often as possible, preferably once in 30-60 minutes. Salt helps to relieve swelling, and soda soothes the inflamed gums.
Brew 2 tablespoons of herbs of sage liter of boiling water. Insist on a water bath for about 1 hour, then cool to room temperature. Use the solution for rinsing.
Soak a cotton wool "Maraslavin" and attach to the patient's gums. Every 30 minutes replace the soaked cotton wool on again. Procedure is carried out to relieve pain and swelling.
Take 50 g of vegetable oil and boil on a slow fire. Add 20 g of propolis and wait when the mixture is of a smooth consistency. Place the container in the refrigerator for a few hours. The resulting ointment is applied to the flux 2 times a day.
If inflamed tissue is tender, it is possible that the flux will break. Buy "Efficient" and apply the solution soaked in cotton wool on the gum. "Efficient" is the same iodine, but for local use.
As soon as you will have the opportunity to visit the dentist. Do not place blind hope that folk medicine will save you from a visit to the hospital. After treatment of caries of the flux will pass. In some cases, the tooth must be removed. The decision about treatment is made based on x-rays and dental examination.