Cherished 'start' button

To find a program, first look carefully on your desktop computer. As a rule, most programs automatically when they are installed by default creates a shortcut on the desktop or in the bottom of the control panel. Therefore, the icon representing the program, may be in the control panel. You will only need to click on the tab to launch an app.

To find the program, and using the button "start". Click it and a drop down window will appear with a list of programs that you access most often. If in this list you do not see the desired app, click "All programs," and then in the drop down window will open a detailed list of all installed computer programs.

Clicking on the icon next to the app you will be able to run it or to open additional sections, such as installation, help and others.

Search programs

Also, you can go to the list of programs in another way. But you also pre-'ll need to click the "start" button, then in the opened window you will need to find the section "control Panel" and clicking on this label, go to him.

Next you need to find the item "Programs and features" and click the link to go to the list of installed programs. This list will be displayed on the left side of the new window in the form of a table, where the alphabetical order indicates the program name, publisher, size, version and installation date.

Moving the mouse cursor to the program, right click and select the action which will execute for the selected program. You can edit, delete or restore.

Without leaving this menu, you can view and installed updates on the computer. To the right of the work window find a link "view installed updates". Click it and this will open a list where you can select an update and perform a number of operations, including to remove from the computer.

If you go to "control Panel" (Windows operating system) you are unable to immediately find the section "Programs and features". Use the search function. To do this, in the opened window, in the upper right corner, find the line that says "Search control panel". Enter the keyword (in this case "programs" and navigate to the page with the found results. As a rule, the desired query will be found in the list are presented first. You just have to select the option and go to installed programs.