Pay attention to symptoms that can indicate your computer spyware. First, let's see quickly if you have Internet connection. If your computer was to connect to the network more slowly than usual, it is possible that there are extraneous programs.Also pay attention to the significant amount of spam in your Inbox. This single fact does not guarantee the existence of spyware, but if some suspicious symptoms, you should think about the security of their data.Another possible symptom is that pop-UPS that offer you to install various programs. Also, you should be concerned in case any file from your computer yourself is trying to establish a connection with the remote server.
Think if you were able to get a spyware program one of the following ways. If you have visited some sites that are not credible and took place suspicious links, then it is likely you could have gotten there a spyware program.When downloading the client application also has the ability to get to your computer spyware or malware. And some of these programs yourself can join in the browser and not betray his presence.
Check the computer using special programs. If the obvious reasons for the presence of spyware no, but you suspect their presence, run Windows Live OneCare safety scanner. You can use any other similar program.
Install it on your computer protection from spyware. In most computers, such programs already installed, but if you don't have or the quality of protection is not satisfied, then can download and install antispyware to the security of their data.