You will need
  • Personal computer.
The presence of the virus can testify first obvious signs. For example, the screen POPs up a strange message or open unsolicited web page. With clear manifestations of the presence of the virus you may encounter if the computer settled a Trojan program.
Besides that your PC is infected, you can guess at the hidden signs. That is, the viruses themselves are inconspicuous, and to know of their presence can, if you look in the registry.
In addition, there is indirect evidence for the presence of malicious software. To this category of "symptoms" can be attributed to a sudden freeze a running program, you see the message unknown error and other manifestations.
To find virus without antivirus, press the key combination Shift+Ctrl+Esc or Alt+Ctrl+Delete: launches task Manager (there are four columns). View the contents of the first column – "Name of the review": here you will see information about the current suspicious or unsuspicious processes. Every PC user has his own set of basic processes, therefore, ensure that additional transactions not questionable.
Often viruses enter the AutoPlay. To find the startup file, click "Start," then click "All programs" and select "startup". To find the malware also possible with the help of software of Ccleaner or Auslogics.
Open the system utility msconfig.exe: to do this, click start, then click Run, and then write the name of the launched application. There is also a Services tab, which are those system components that start when you turn on your personal computer. This list can be and malware.