You will need
  • Software Regedit.
Regedit is built into the operating system the registry editor. The name is short for Registry edit. This program is used to organize all of the registry keys, their creation and deletion. When you uninstall you need to clean the registry of unnecessary keys that were previously used by the operating system.
Before you edit the registry files you need to delete the program folder. Open the Program Files directory, select the directory and press the Delete key to move to the recycle Bin or Shift + Delete to completely remove from the hard disk.
Now go to the registry editor. Click "start menu" and select "Run" or press the key combination Win + R. In the window that appears move the focus cursor on the empty box and type regedit, then press Enter.
It is worth saying that editing the registry files are a novice — it is dangerous, so it is better to create backup. Click the top menu "File" and select "Export". In the opened window, check the box next to the line "Whole registry", enter a file name and click Save.
Export registry files can be done through the command line. The command line is usually done through "start menu", Chapter "Standard software". In the window type regedit /E d:export.reg and press Enter. With this command you copy the registry file export.reg in the root directory of drive "D:".
To search for the keys left by the program, you must click the top menu "edit" and select "Find". In the appeared window enter the name of the program or company that is engaged in its dissemination. Press Enter or F2 to start a search operation.
Found keys can be deleted by highlighting and pressing the Delete key. Then you need to close the registry editor and restart the computer. Now your computer is clean from remote programs.