You will need
  • A PC running Windows
Run the task Manager. The easiest way to do this using Ctrl-Shift-Esc, although I usually start it via the context menu (right mouse button) on the taskbar.
Now switch to the tab "Processes" and sort all applications according to the degree of loading of the processor. Just press left mouse button on the column header "CPU".
A braking computer, the program POPs up. Now in line with the program you have to press the right mouse button and look for the information about the application on the Internet.
The inhibitory program (we) found. If it was the antivirus, then try to limit his level of activity decrease level of validation in it. If the activity of the antivirus increases only sometimes, then maybe we are dealing with a scheduled full scan that from time to time the antivirus runs automatically. You can make settings for the interval between such regular scans or even disable them.