First of all check if the program folder a file called "uninstall.exe" or its shortcut in the apps menu. If the file is present, its execution, in most cases, reliably removes unneeded program from your computer.
If the program folder contains this file, then there is a possibility of uninstallation is not provided by the developer, the program can be removed manually by following paragraphs.
Via task Manager stop the process of the program being uninstalled if it is running. The task Manager is invoked through pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL (in Windows Vista and 7 need from the appeared menu choose "task Manager").
Delete the program folder (usually located in the Program Files folder or Program Files x86), and if necessary, its settings and files from user folder and Program Data folder.
Remove all references of the program from the registry. Recording is the easiest way to look for in a registry editing program with built-in search function.