Boils on the body or in the vernacular, the boils appear due to infections, namely Staphylococcus aureus Golden or white. Pathogenic bacteria enter the skin through the hair pores and provoke inflammation. A symptom of the boil is pronounced inflammation, elevated on the surface of the skin and causes pain when touched. And why do they appear?

The causes of the disease

Staphylococcus aureus is an extremely common pathogen. In contact with the skin of a healthy person it rarely causes any inflammation even if you take place to be microtrauma of the skin. But against decrease the protective properties of the skin, bacteria can easily penetrate into the indoor environment. The situation is exacerbated by poor personal hygiene and General sanitation, which contributes to the increase in the frequency of contact with the causative agent of furunculosis.

A single boil is already a testimony to that failure of the immune system, but if we are talking about multiple furuncles or boils, it is possible to speak about a significant decrease in protective forces of an organism. Chronic furunculosis is accompanied by violation of virtually all components of the immune system. Most of the patients coming for treatment to the clinic has any problems in the digestive tract. In particular, dysbiosis by increasing the content of coccal forms. Half of the patients are diagnosed disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and the thyroid and sexual glands. It is proved that the abrasions could trigger a General hypothermia, stress, physical and emotional stress.

What else can cause the development of boils

Other microorganisms may also cause boils on the body. We are talking about epidermal Staphylococcus, Streptococcus groups A and b, etc. Boils can appear on the customers of a single beauty salon, if the master was not in compliance with rules for processing and sterilization of instruments and equipment for pedicure, manicure etc. In 80% of all diagnosed cases, abrasions were accompanied by any chronic infection, most often respiratory tract – chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.

Children furunculosis is more common than in adults because of the imperfection of the immune system and repeated contact with contaminated objects. The adolescent children the disease is associated with hormonal instability in the body, and also external factors that can reduce the immune stress, poor diet etc.