In order to get rid of them, you must first turn to the dermatologist-cosmetician. An experienced doctor will find out the cause of pimples and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Self-administration of drugs can lead to negative consequences: the emergence of an even larger number of ulcers, the occurrence of scarring and malfunction of the sebaceous glands.
To get rid of acne sores, you need to properly clean your face. Wash your face two times a day, but not with soap but with special detergents that are designed for oily skin. Don't RUB the face when wiped with a towel, do it blotted movements. After 15-20 minutes, apply the cream.
In warm weather, avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight. It is believed that ultraviolet light helps to get rid of ulcers. This is not so. In hot weather the infectious agents multiply in the inflamed skin much faster than when cold, so you risk to get new pimples. Preferably 1-2 times a week use a cleansing facial scrubs. They deeply clean the skin, open the pores and let them breathe.
But remember that proper skin care is not enough to get rid of them. Great importance is the diet. Try to eliminate or greatly limit alcohol consumption, soft drinks, confectionery, including chocolate, sweets and pastries. Include in your daily menu of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, cereals and dairy products.
In folk medicine, there are many ways of getting rid of ulcers. An effective remedy is aloe Vera. Take a fresh leaf of a plant, cut lengthwise apply to pimple secure the compress with a bandage and leave overnight.
To cleanse the skin and inflammation you can use a mask of oatmeal. Take 2 tablespoons of flour, mix with 1 egg white, mix thoroughly and apply on face. After 15-20 minutes rinse your face with cool water without using cleaning agents.